Working Toward A No Plastics Policy

Slater and Reeves are working with its non-consumable suppliers to minimise and eradicate as much plastic from its processes.
Within 6 months and by the end of September 2018:

  • As a company we are encouraging our clients to save recyclable plastic platters and lids to be returned to us in order for us to recycle, wash sanitise and re - use.  This helps us to increase awareness of minimising the use of plastics and although helps to control costs and keep our selling prices competetive in the market place.
  • Depending on government policy,  we are contantly reviewing the possible change from recyclable buffet platters to biodegradable and compostable platters and lids.  This will include bowls, water cups and saucepots.  To date April 2018 we have trialled the use of platters and lids which are throw away versus recycling and reusing buffet platters already  in use. A cost analysis is now being prepared.
  • Paper compostable sauce pots, water and juice cups and drinking straws are now in use.
  • Change from plastic cutlery to wooden compostable cutlery. To date april 2018 compostable wooden cutlery has been introduced and plastic cutlery phased out.
  • Change from plastic rubbish bin liners to compostable liners that break down within months
  • Change our soft drinks bottles from plastic to glass
  • Feasibility study on recyclable water bottles v glass and impact of what additional weight may have on processes
  • We source our ingredients and purchase from specially selected local suppliers who are as close to our premises as possible who have a like-minded policy regarding plastics
  • Work with our customers and clients to explore their policies and views on the use of plastics